Updated: 29-Oct-14

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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588


New Things happening

- and one of them is Family Collective.  The next event is a Talent Show on  Friday 28th November at 7:30 pm.  No particular age group, everyone is welcome - no charge, no religious pitch.  While we’re collecting, we’ve got three ‘Collectives’: Tuesday, Friday and Family.

Revolve and GNR8  are still happening on Sunday mornings and Revolve has taken over from Cafe West on Thursday evenings.

Early Communion 9:45 am, First Sunday each Month

Focus on Jesus and his death for us.  Share in the bread and (non-alcoholic) wine.  All who love the Lord Jesus are welcome.

The Arabic Letter ‘noon’

is the mark that ISIS militants paint on Christian homes that they plan to seize.  It stands for ‘Nisrani’ - in English ‘Nazarene’ - a person from the village where Jesus grew up.

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