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Updated: 27-Jun-15

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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588


Please have a look round to find out who we are, what’s going on, and what we’re trying to do.  We’re a group of people (mostly from the surrounding neighbourhood) on a spiritual journey - trying to live as 21st century followers of Jesus.  If you’re interested in this, or are just looking for friendship and a place to belong,  you’ll be welcome to join our activities.

Evening Services during July

Our amazing 6:30 pm Sunday services are on hold for July.  They’ll be back on again starting on 2nd August.  Our 11:00 am Sunday morning services will be happening as usual - well, at the usual time anyway!  Why not take the opportunity to visit another church during July?  Build bridges, gather ideas, be encouraged to know how big and varied our family is.

CLAN at Kelburn 11-16 July

This year it’s on our doorstep; great worship, brilliant speakers.  You could probably get a day ticket for a taster or come for an evening session - more

Good news: We’re hoping to hold a BBQ later in the summer.

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