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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588

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Alpha - still time to join in - Wednesday 7:00 pm

Take a long view of your life, tap into God’s perspective.  What happens at Alpha?  We enjoy an evening meal together, watch a video presentation on the big screen and discuss it informally in small groups.   The course will run for ten weeks - on Wednesday evenings.  Bring along a not-yet-Christian friend - or someone in your family.  Contact Jeanne on 07792 295118  - more

The Arabic Letter ‘noon’

is the mark that ISIS militants paint on Christian homes that they plan to seize.  It stands for ‘Nisrani’ - in English ‘Nazarene’ - a person from the village where Jesus grew up.

Brave or what?

At the 11:00 service on 31st August Nigel spoke on ‘Independence and Identity - the Vote’.  He made several really good points to inform our thinking and deciding.  Well, as he put it, you can’t ignore that size of elephant in the room.  Listen in