Updated: 22-Apr-14

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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588

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Eight and Counting!

In recent years our baptism pool has not been the busiest place in the church but so far this year eight people have been baptised in it.  It has been so encouraging to hear them tell the stories of how they got to that place.  You can hear some of them on the Listen Again page.

CLAN Gathering is back!

After a spell of waiting on God to seek the way forward for CLAN the Gathering is back.  This year it’s 2nd - 5th May at Central Hall Edinburgh - more

Inner Healing

- what’s that?  You could say that it’s finding (with the help of the Holy Spirit) the roots of issues that hold back your emotional and spiritual wellbeing and dealing with them.  Our Prayer Ministry Team can help you with this, and if you want to learn about inner healing.

Women in Leadership

On Wednesday 30th April, also at 7:30 pm, Ian Birch, the Principal of the Scottish Baptist College, will be giving a talk on Women in Leadership.  If you want to do a bit of study for this try ‘Fashioned to Reign’ by Kris Vallotton .